Sunday, September 11, 2011

All works represented here are expression of creator's fantasy and not intended to encourage actual anti-social and sexually offensive behavior. All models in each work are intended to be 18 or over


  1. Hi Fang!

    Love your drawings and products that you put out especially the busty and the beast saga.

    Wanted to give a suggested fantasy that I have for the beastmaster.

    There should be a continuation saga for Nana Tsumeragi in which she gives birth to all the animals she has sex with and then she becomes a doctor vet herself taking care of these animals sexual needs as well as hers. Eventually she gets famous for her healing techniques and people bring their animals to be 'healed' by her.

    Hope you will consider this fantasy I put through.

  2. Thank you for your comment, and I have planned to resume BATB - NTR (Nana Tsumeragi) Channel series after BATB Ultimate III.
    And you will surprised with the outcome ^^

  3. Wow! that sounds great! Was hoping that you'd finish the Sailor Moon series as well. Looking forward to Sailor Jupiter :)